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Handbags also called “purse” originally it is referred to a small bag for holding coins and others stuff. In some countries it is also called money bag. But in reality “handbag” is a larger bag that holds larger objects beyond currency, such as personal items and accessories. In this blog we will learn where and how you will get affordable handbags.

Best affordable handbags

The modern purse, clutch, pouch or handbag were revolutionary part of England fashion market, people love to carry bags while in traveling. With passage of time this trend spread over the world and became the part of daily routine.

Initially only purpose of handbags to hold personal items and accessories but with the passage of time it is also become the part of fashion. People love to buy different style of handbags, it depend upon the colors, dressing, and different logo. Somehow it is really important to get affordable handbags and purse. I tried to find out branded and affordable handbags from different sites.

First of all I will share some world famous handbags in cheapest price, after that I will discuss others famous brands available in Pakistan.


Brighton is a popular handbag brand because of perfect design, and leather quality. You’ll notice that Brighton bags look like snake skin or alligator. Such a unique style and shine elevate the appearance of bags, that’s why it is most popular in the world.

I will share the link where you can buy affordable handbags in cheapest price.

Kate Spade

It is launched in 1993 in New York, America. It is famous for its unique style and stuff used in production of that brand.

Kate Spade is an American origin company and became most prominent in handbags market. The main purpose of this company is to target upper class family who are conscious of unique fabric, color, and shape.  It has several products list related to handbags include belt bags, laptop bags, traveling bags, clutches and many more. Most of sites offer expensive Kate Spade handbags but I tried to manage most affordable handbags from its main site.

To get cheapest Kate Spade I will share the links,

Pakistani famous brand

Like others Pakistan is also emerging in world fashion industries. People are all over the world keep interest in many fashion products. Export statistic also increasing in this particular area.

 It is just because of quality and value of money impact a lot in the fashion the industries.   

Pakistan locally producing affordable handbag, clutches, shoulder bags, and suitcases comparatively closed to branded bags. Here we are not discussing these are best as compare to branded one, but in this price it is a good value of money.

I tried to find the best sites those are offering good quality and affordable handbags. There are several sites but I found these are the best option in term of good quality and good value of money.

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